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Word Virus

The Process Presents: WORD VIRUS

The Process will be showcasing some willing mouths and what comes out of them.

The promotional poster for the event (shown on the right) was designed and created by the amazing artist  Andrew Kirkpatrick .

The promotional poster for the event (shown on the right) was designed and created by the amazing artist Andrew Kirkpatrick.


Shelley Hirsch
J.A. Deane
Idris Goodwin
Melody Sumner Carnahan
Michael Sumner
Rod Harrison
j. Christopher Dupuy
Damon Griffith
Sabrina Griffith
Daniel Drell

The Process' long awaited spoken word event reevaluates traditional paradigms of the genre, not by hosting a simple reading of works, but instead by offering a multi-media exploration of "words" through performance, action and film

A still captured of dupuy reading at Word Virus

A still captured of dupuy reading at Word Virus


Shelley Hirsch-
Legendary performance artist, avant garde vocalist and multiple NEA recipient Shelley Hirsch is a renown figure in the avant garde community. Shelley is "an unorthodox, extraordinary fusion of vocalist, composer, and performance artist "(Anne LeBaron) whose work encompasses story telling pieces, staged performances, compositions, improvisations, collaborations, installations, and radioplays, which have been presented on 5 continents...with collaborators like John Zorn, Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, Christian Marclay, Elliot Sharp, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, DJ Olive, Mark Dresser, David Shea and Ikue Mori, just to name a few. Selley will be bringing her 1,000 inner voices to do some rare solo pieces along with improvisational duets with local favorite J.A. Deane.

J.A. Deane-
Another collaborator of John Zorn, Dino has worked with everyone from Ike and Tina Turner to Brian Eno, Jim O'Rourke, Jon Hassell and Butch Morris. He now conducts the Out of Context ensemble here in Santa Fe and explores the improvisation hand signal language of "conduction" developed by Butch Morris. Dino will be performing with Shelley Hirsch.

Idris Goodwin-
Idris is an award winning hip hop playwright, break beat poet, recording artist and teacher committed to making work that incites, inspires, and engages. The NEA awarded Idris a Playwright-in-Residence grant to explore hip-hop aesthetics in theater. Idris' break beat poetry was featured on season six of Russell Simmons' HBO Def Poetry Jam as well as the Spoken Word Revolution Redux Anthology.

Melody Sumner Carnahan-
"The most musical prose since Gertrude Stein." -- Village Voice.
Melody studied with Robert Ashley at Mills College and has published inumerable short stories and essays. Melody has received fellowships, awards and acknowledgements from the NEA, Art Institute of Chicago, New American Radio, NYC's Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Tokyo's NTT/ICC, Atlantic Center for the Arts, University of Technology in Sydney, Australia and the Whitney Museum of American Art. She currently runs the Burning Books small press with Michael Sumner.

Michael Sumner-
In 1979 Michael co-founded Burning Books with writer Melody Sumner Carnahan. He has published nineteen books of, and about, avant-garde music, art, and literature. He has also worked as a graphic artist and book designer, producing books for publishers and museums, including the Guggenheim Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Michael's work has been shown in the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival, the San Francisco Cinematheque, the Polyphonix International Festival, the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition and the World Print Competition.

Rod Harrison-
Many know him as his alter-ego, Jimmy the Carrot, a suave, gin guzzling throwback to the days of the emcee, or from his outstanding work with Theater Grottesco, or as the sullen bee in those T-Mobile ads, or possibly as the Marquis De Rod in a HBO special about naked oil wrestling, or even as "The Voice" in Whole Foods, a character he based on Gary Owens from Laugh-in. Now you can see him demonstrate his acting prowess as the infamous hipster, Lord Buckley in a reenactment of Buckley's debauched delivery of death defying discourses.

j. Christopher Dupuy-
j. christopher dupuy has worked as a Harley-Davidson mechanic, a bartender, a dj, a dishwasher, a golf caddy, a computer tech, managed an independent music store, at a temp staffing agency and served over four years in the Marine Corps. He is currently working on a novel.

Damon & Sabrina Griffith-
Known locally as the leaders of The Bullseal! Consortium, a raucous, Beefheart-esque, yet strangely euphonic bohemian ensemble spouting impossible verse, this couple have put their fingers into virtually every type of creative art known to man from crafting puppets and poetry to crafting the reality that surrounds them.

Daniel Drell-
Terkltoyser is a bemused fictive entity, residing primarily but not exclusively upon his own hard drive; an irresponsible helical VortexT, likely to wreak all manner of mischief, malfunction and malfeasance upon the lavish systems of control our seductive suburban demiurge deems sweet and useful. Carhorns blare, windshield wipers and supermarket doors operate with violent and unexpected abandon. All roads lead to Cleveland.


Shelly Hirsch flew in from New York and the event was written up in the New Mexian, Pasatiempo, and the Santa Fe Reporter.

Later Event: October 16
St. Louis Clemens Ave Apartments